Institutionality and transparency indicator

Consultative act registered before a notary public
Completed 100%
Authorization of the Ministry of Finance as authorized donee
In process 50%
Mission, vision and objectives
Completed 100%
Verifiable address and phone
Completed 100%
Annual activity report and audited financial statements
Completed 100%
Board of Directors or Voluntary Board whose members are different from the professional team
Completed 100%
Professional staff hired on payroll
Completed 100%
Volunteers working in the programs
Completed 100%
More than three years of operation
Completed 100%
More than three different sources of income
Completed 100%


Board of Directors
Council Consultative
Managing Director
Proxy Of funds
Administration Coordination
Project Coordination
  • What is your dream? project leader

  • desplegar movilidad sustentable
    Sustainable Mobility project leader

  • desplegar consumo responsable
    Responsible Consumption project leader

  • desplegar energía renovable
    Energy project leader

  • desplegar residuos sólidos
    Solid Waste project leader

  • desplegar naturaleza
    Nature project leader

  • desplegar sociedad justa
    Fair Society project leader

  • desplegar participación ciudadana
    Citizen Participation project leader

  • desplegar ir más allá
    Go further project leader

  • desplegar agua
    Water project leader

  • desplegar valores
    Values project leader

Volunteer Coordination
Communication and Image Coordination
  • Subcoordination of Marketing and Communication

  • Image Subcoordination

Coordination of Red Glocal TOW