Sustainable Mobility


soy tlaloczito

Give back to people, through sustainable territorial planning, active mobility and integrated transport systems, the possibility of deciding which mode of transport and how to combine them according to the route they have to make.

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noches de bici en toluca

Bike-O Nights

The Bike-O Nights are night bike rides designed to integrate people from ...

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tolo en bici

Tolo in Bike

Rodada familiar de 10 a 12 km que busca incrementar la confianza del nuevo ciclista...

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Bici Escuela

The bike school is a training program on the responsible use of the bicycle, it seeks ...

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Next Pedaling

It is a program that is carried out in order to support new urban cyclists ...

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Pabellón del Bienestar

El Pabellón del Bienestar tiene como objetivo acercar actividades culturales, deportivas y promocionales que permitan...

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