Bike-O Nights

Noches de Bici-O

The Bike-O Nights are night bike rides designed to integrate people of all ages into the culture of using bicycles as a means of transport and a real mobility solution for cities. The Bike-O Nights are also an opportunity to revalue the public space, the coexistence with the stranger and the general enjoyment of the city.

Get involved!

Every Wednesday we meet at 8:00 p.m. in the Columbus Eagle (Paseo Colón and Venustiano Carranza).

The route is posted via facebook the night before. We will wait for you! Check this week's route here.

bicicleta en toluca


Sustainable Mobility

desplegar movilidad sustentable

Attention area:

Culture of bike use

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Associated SDGs:

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Associated publications:

Manual of the urban cyclist of Mexico City. Authors: Areli Carreón García, Agustín Martínez Monterrubio and Xavier Treviño Theesz.

noches de bici en toluca