Tláloc Family

The people who make up the Tláloc Foundation identify ourselves and collaborate in favor of the cause in which we believe, where we rescue from the family elements such as Coexistence, Harmony, Trust, Union, Joy, and Values.


carlos mendieta

Director of the Tláloc Foundation

Tláloc inspires me to enjoy and take advantage of every day to act, create and give myself with energy, passion and strength to every cause in which I believe. To overcome and transcend my limits and my reality, in order to inspire more people to get involved, to share their dreams and to take in their hands the solution to a local problem that contributes to global sustainability. Every time this happens, I smile gratefully, finding peace and a sense of life.

maribel gómez

Image Coordination

alonso gonzález

Project Coordination

Tláloc inspires me to develop my individual talents and capacities, which in turn allow the collective development of the Tláloc Foundation, the 5 years that I have been collaborating, I have seen that my humanist being is fully developed in the organization, my judgment and criticism of the Socio-environmental problems have improved thanks to the assertive solutions that I can bring to the environment in which I participate.


Daniela Leticia

Responsible Consumption Project Leader

Tláloc inspires me ... tranquility, confidence and perseverance, it transmits my interest in working together to achieve great results and thus build a better society.


It is a space for learning and development, where different dreams converge between people with the desire to generate a positive change in their community to fulfill them, where trust, fraternity and creativity and collaboration are triggered. Here everything we do, we do with heart!


soy tlaloczito

God of rain

I am a sustainable citizen, in the world of the Tláloc Foundation I represent a social author because I promote and generate actions through the SIRAA Model. I am friendly, I like Mexican culture and be in all the movements of the decalogue, but I also like to make friends at a glocal level to strengthen alliances and achieve a Sustainable Mexico through the 2030 agenda.

soy xochiquetzal

Goddess of fertility

I am a voice of nature, I help promote all actions related to the care of biodiversity inviting you to become part of the social shield that protects me. I love the SIRAA Model, I am friendly, I like that you have plants at home and that you take care of them. I also like to support other movements and live with my friends from the Decalogue on social networks.

God of the sun

I promote energy efficiency and renewable energies that allow us to take care of the planet by taking advantage of technology. I love engineering, creating alliances and fighting for a Sustainable Mexico. My favorite tool is the SIRAA Model and I am key to achieving the SDGs.

soy buxita

Buxa (bag in Otomie language)

I am an example of the empowerment of indigenous women and the circular economy. With me, people experience happiness, a sense of achievement and satisfaction for giving the planet a break, taking care of natural areas, seas and oceans. I am an excellent companion for all your activities.