Know us


It is a life project for those of us who participate in it. We want to contribute to the construction of environmental citizenship to achieve a Sustainable country, that is, a Mexico with social justice in economic and environmental aspects.

Build sustainable citizenship through the SIRAA model to contribute globally to sustainability.

Being an organization that from the culture of peace builds and manages scalable and replicable sustainability agendas, which increase both international, national and local cooperation, as well as collaboration between the different sectors of society, thus contributing to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)


It is our fundamental value as it is the first condition for building better relationships between people. We highlight the virtues of our collaborators, we interact peacefully, we understand institutions and the environment as an ecosystem of coexistence and mutual support.


Understand the needs of all and grant in the same proportion what corresponds, maintaining an environment of equity and equal opportunity

Common Good

We work under the same philosophy to seek collective and community well-being without losing sight of personal and individual well-being


It means the actions and projects reflect the spirit of the organization and that its members act according to the philosophy, mission, and objectives of the foundation


Act with truth and transparency in a constant way, assuming responsibility for each act


premisas de fundación tláloc

premisas de fundación tláloc

To be

We start from the idea of first being and then doing. The objective we pursue is simply to be, there is no other agenda that makes it possible to recognize ourselves in daily doing, where this doing contributes to that project of being the highest version of itself.


premisas de fundación tláloc

premisas de fundación tláloc

Grow helping others grow

The foundation is a life project, a permanent construct that in turn allows the construction of people, both those who participate in it and those who are cared for by it. It is a present time that does not wait for a more convenient future to do what it believes is its duty to be and while it manages to evolve it generates possibilities for others to do.


premisas de fundación tláloc

premisas de fundación tláloc

Create Bridges

We understand ourselves as that space to bring people, resources, projects, ideas, wishes, strengths and reflections closer to those who need it. Open and collaborative doors are what distinguish our actions.

Alliances, conciliator

premisas de fundación tláloc

premisas de fundación tláloc

To empower

From the empowerment of the beneficiaries of each project, they become the social authors of each of the initiatives we promote, in such a way that the leadership of the people themselves is capable of transforming their realities without depending on more complex processes , alien and lacking the required sensitivity.

Encourage in freedom


The methodology we use is called SIRAA and it was developed by the Tláloc Foundation over several years to build sustainable citizenship and to generate projects with a positive impact on the community.

modelo siraa 2020

This method was strengthened from the experience gained from working with an indigenous community on a joint project. Its basic principle is the building of capacities and the empowerment of local actors, who are part of a group within public and private institutions, social organizations or a particular community.

The steps of the SIRAA model are as follows:

  • Sensibility

    First, the senses are awakened to reinterpret realities and open new approaches to different problems.

  • Information

    This leads to the desire to know more about what you want to change. The information provides the power to know the reality that was previously problematized and studied.

  • Reflection

    Afterwards, we are invited to contrast perceptions and the information we receive to form our own opinion, as well as to generate ideas and proposals.

  • Action

    A fundamental step is to put these ideas into practice. Each of us must become a protagonist individually and achieve collective action, as well as question and adapt our own daily actions.

  • Learning

    Finally, we must deepen our understanding of the impact and value of our actions and projects, as well as the variables and consequences that we had not anticipated, to redesign and strengthen our strategies.

The search for sustainability is a great challenge, to achieve it, we need to generate a great citizen movement that is nourished by the conscious participation of all: people, institutions, companies, organizations that are willing to collaborate to make dreams for a Sustainable Mexico come true.

Fundación Tláloc is open to anyone who wants to join any of our initiatives, or to those who harbor dreams who need a little help to germinate. Your talent, determination, energy and actions are necessary for the construction of a Sustainable Mexico.