Saving the Lerma River

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salvando al Río Lerma

We want to generate local actions that favor the rehabilitation and care of the Lerma Chapala Basin through alliances between actors, such as strengthening the environmental awareness of citizens and the sanitation of bodies of water. The generation of environmental awareness should take place through talks on environmental education in schools and neighborhoods, generating the appropriate material for the different sectors of the population in relation to the problems mentioned above, said talks should be constant and encourage citizens to become active actors of change.

Get involved!

If your community has been affected by the contamination of the Lerma River, register your neighborhood. To participate send an email to [email protected]



Ir a Proyecto Agua

Attention area:

Community development

Associated SDGs:

ir a ods 4 educación de calidad ods 6 agua limpia ods 11 ods 17 alianzas

usa una bolsa que cuide del río