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The Comprehensive Development project of the Otomí Community of San Mateo Capulhuac, Otzolotepec, Mexico, arises from the invitation that the local group 'Young Independent Otomíes' made us in December 2004.

With them, we have been building local capacities, we have contributed to the empowerment of indigenous women through training and self-employment.

The women of the community make the famous "BUXAS" which are bags made from sacks or pieces of cloth with unique designs. BUXAS benefit the environment by replacing plastic bags or by becoming an attractive, multipurpose and reusable item.

As part of this project is the campaign Buxa for the Seas.

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Acquire your Buxa and other products from the Otomí community, in the establishments of:

Acquire your Buxa in the establishments of:

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Responsible Consumption

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Associated SDGs:

ods 12 consumo responsable ods 13 acción por el clima ods 17 alianzas


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